Documentaire over duurzaam reizen

Joep van Dijk is a passionate climate scientist. He likes to search for extreme examples that show how life can be lived sustainably. This documentary follows Joep on his CO2-neutral journey from Amsterdam to the United States of America and shows how this choice inspires himself and others to live a climate conscious life. CO2? CO-Nee! premiered at eight filmfestivals around the world.




Director and footage: Joep van Dijk
Producer: Puck van Dijk
Editor: Nanouk Wouters
Assistent-director: Thomas van Zwol
Music: Brooke R. Holman en Wilson McNeary
Sounddesign: Sander Houtman en Nick van Noort
Color grading: Ramon de Jong
Animation: Marion Vrijburg
Branding: Sara Dekker
Advice: Dan Brinkhuis en Dick Peterse Crowdfunded through Cinecrowd

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